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Pilot Tests for In-situ and Ex-Situ Aerobic Bioremediation of Complex Mixture of Contaminants NAPL

Atualizado: 1 de ago. de 2022

O Webinar transcorreu ao vivo em 04/12/2020 e pode ser assistido no YouTube. Os interessados podem acessar o evento pelo YouTube e pelo Facebook. Apresentação em Inglês.

Bio: Paola is a Colombian chemical/environmental engineer with a masters degree from Clemson University, in the United States. Paola has 10 years of experience. She worked supporting remediation projects for the DuPont corporate remediation group throughout Latin America, and now works for Jacobs Engineers, out of their Philadelphia office supporting projects in Latin America and the United States. Paola’s experience is mostly focused in design, planning and performance evaluation of bioremediation solutions for contaminated sites. Paola also has experience in development and refinement of site conceptual models, and has also supported due diligence evaluations for divestiture and acquisition of sites.

Work title: Associate Environmental Engineer

Company: Jacobs

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